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What Equipment Should You Get Your Child According to Their Age

One of the best news a couple will ever hear is finding out that they’re expecting a baby. Parents start to build dreams and expectations for the forthcoming baby and hurry to prepare themselves for anything they might need. Luckily for them, many of the items their newborn will need can be found on OLX.


Here are some of those items, as well as when your baby will need them the most!


Newborns until the age of 12 months


One of the first questions new parents ask themselves: where will the baby sleep? A child’s bed is a crucial element, and parents usually rush to purchase wooden beds with high bars that can shelter the baby and keep them safe. 

Others prefer buying cribs to place in their bedrooms so that the baby sleeps with them during the first period. That way, the mother won’t need to go through the hassle of moving from one room to the other for baby duties such as when they wake up crying in the middle of the night. 

Another important item to get is the little one’s plastic bathtub, this is necessary for the child’s bath. Luckily, it is now available in various shapes and sizes to ensure the child’s safety. 

Let’s not forget about the necessity of buying an electric sterilizer for all the baby equipment. It is essential because, just like its name proposes, this machine sterilizes all of the child’s tools and milk bottles to keep them germ-free.


2 to 6 months


At this age, a trolley is indispensable. How else are you going to carry your little one around? 

You can also use it during those sleepless nights when they won’t sleep unless you gently rock them back to their dreams.

And as your baby grows and becomes aware of his/her surroundings, they will want to explore it. That’s where a rocking chair comes in handy. The chair, which usually comes with music and toys hung above the baby’s head, becomes their favorite type of entertainment.


6 months to 1 year


Reaching the age of activity and movement, your baby will need equipment that aids them in developing their walking abilities. For example, a baby walker supports your child’s first steps, all while providing the needed security to do so.

Of course, your baby is going to want to sit as well, and they will be able to do so thanks to highchairs that enable them to sit at your level without the risk of falling.


The list goes on and children will undoubtedly need more equipment as they grow older. What’s important is that you always make sure to satisfy your baby’s needs, and everything will be A-okay!


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