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What to Look at When Buying a Used Car: Mileage or Age?

The idea of buying a used car has crossed everyone’s mind. Whether you’re buying your first car or your fourth, you have probably contemplated the idea. After all, a second-hand car is sometimes cheaper to buy, restore, and fix.

Yet, on your car-buying journey, you may have noticed that there are certain features to look out for in a previously-owned car, namely: its mileage and age. The debate surrounding these two points is an ongoing dilemma in the automotive world: Is it more important to examine a used car’s mileage or age?


The main thing to know about your car’s mileage is that it does, indeed, affect the vehicle. For example, it may shorten a car’s life or even wear out its tires if its owner hasn’t been taking good care of it. However, the effect it has on the car depends on the car itself.

A used car with low mileage may seem like a better option because it’s in better condition than a car with high mileage. Hence, its maintenance is cheaper than its high mileage opponent and it’s cheaper than a new car.

On the downside, it may be tricky to go for a low mileage car, especially when it’s an old model. If it’s an old model and its mileage is low, it means that the car has been sitting there for a long time. It is always recommended to veer away from old cars that have low mileage. 

Additionally, an old car’s warranty may be nearing its expiration date. So, always pay attention to that detail!


It’s no secret that new cars are thought to be “safer” than used cars. However, there are second-hand cars out there that are still in their best shape!

When thinking about a car’s age, it is crucial to understand that no matter how old a car is, what’s important is how well its owner took care of it. 

If the previous owner made you feel secure about his car’s safety and the car passed all the routine checks, it is safe to say that it’s worth buying!

All in all, what truly matters about purchasing a second-hand car is how comfortable you feel driving it – whether in terms of its safety, its appearance, or its solidity. Never forget that!

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