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The month of love has finally arrived, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Whether you’re trying to impress your crush or want to sweep your partner off their feet, put on your rose-coloured glasses and dive into dubizzle Lebanon (olx)’s gift guide, you’re bound to find the perfect little something to win over the heart of that special someone! We’ve got both new and used options for all budgets.

Nowadays, we’re all glued to our phones so one of the best gift ideas would be to get your valentine an accessory they could make good use of from our Mobile & Accessories category:

  • If they love listening to music, you can find airpods starting as low as USD 15! Create a curated playlist of your favourite love songs and send it to them for bonus points! If that’s not romantic we don’t know what is.
  • You text each other all the time but their phone is always dying and cutting the conversation short, a power bank will keep you talking all night long (starting USD 12).
  • Do you want to be that cute couple who makes TikToks together? You need a ring light! You can find different models starting USD 20.
  • If you’re that fit couple who goes hiking together then the most romantic gift for you would be a smart watch (starting USD 50) because couples who get fit together stay together!

You can find a lot more on our website or app but let’s move on to the Electronics & Appliances category:

  • If your valentine is a fan of Netflix and Chill, gift them a projector (starting USD 30) so they can turn their room into a personal cinema. It’s the best way to binge a lot of rom coms!
  • Are you that couple who loves to throw parties? Buy a speaker (starting USD 25) and practice your dance moves for your next celebration.
  • Is your girlfriend/boyfriend always spending hours in the kitchen to make you delicious desserts? Lend them a hand and make their life easier by gifting them a robot mixer (starting USD forty-five). Cooking dates are the most fun!
  • If your partner is the adventurous type who likes to capture memories of every trip they take, a camera is the right choice of gift (starting USD 99).
  • If the person you have a major crush on is an avid gamer, you could gift them a set of video games (starting USD 15), a pair of cool new headphones or a brand-new controller (starting USD forty).

However, if your valentine is into the fine arts then the Hobbies, Music, Art & Books category is where you should be looking:

  • If your partner is an aspiring artist, help them build their at home studio with ukuleles (starting USD 30), guitars (starting USD 60), microphones (starting USD 65), amplifiers (starting USD 70), electronic pianos (starting USD 100), or mixer consoles (starting USD one hundred forty-five).
  • What better way to get the attention of a bookworm than by gifting them a pile of books? You can find different types of books in Arabic, French and English for as low as USD 5!
  • For the couples who like to plan fun and competitive board game nights, dubizzle has got you covered! Find any kind of board game on our platform starting as low as USD 10!

Last but not least, and if all else fails, you’re certain to find an elegant gift for your sweetheart in our Fashion & Beauty category:

  • For the man in your life, you can find cool bracelets starting USD 5, a practical crossbody starting USD 15, a fancy wallet starting USD 30, nice shoes starting USD forty, sexy sunglasses starting USD 60, a chic watch starting USD 70 or a fragrant perfume starting USD 85.
  • For the woman in your life, you can find a cute wallet starting USD 10, a makeup kit starting USD 30, a beautiful jewellery set starting USD 35, a hot pair of sunglasses starting USD 50, gorgeous handbags starting USD 60 or a sweet perfume starting USD 75.

It’s safe to say that the options are endless. We hope that this guide was helpful and that the gift you choose will make your Valentine’s Day all the more special and memorable.

Love, dubizzle.

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