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Do you have a pile of old clothes you’ve forgotten about in the back of your closet? Or a car that you don’t need anymore taking up extra space in the garage? Or perhaps an electronic device you’d like to discard in order to upgrade to a newer version? Or even toys your kids are too grown up to play with? Or maybe you received a gift that you didn’t like for Christmas or your birthday, but you don’t know how to get rid of it? Well, we’re asking you all of these questions because dubizzle Lebanon (olx) is the perfect solution to all of these problems. You can sell used as well as new items on the dubizzle website or app at any price you deem appropriate in one or many of our 13 categories through this link. Let’s explore some of the various ways you can benefit from dubizzle.

Starting with Vehicles, you could sell your old car of course but also vehicle accessories or spare parts. You can sell motorcycles and ATVs, trucks, buses and even boats!

In the Properties category, not only can you sell villas or apartments, but you can also sell commercials, lands, chalets, cabins and even an entire building!

Head to our Mobile & Accessories category to sell your mobile phone, accessories you might have never or barely used, numbers, and smart watches too!

You can sell a myriad of options in our Electronics & Appliances category such as TVs, computers, cameras, gaming consoles, kitchen equipment and many more home appliances.

In the Furniture & Décor category you can basically sell any item from your house’s furnishings from couches to beds to kitchenware and outdoor fittings, anything goes!

The Kids & Babies category is a great option for parents whose children are all grown up. You could sell toys along with clothing, strollers, cribs, monitors and more items you didn’t get a chance to make good use of with your little ones.

There are many things you could sell through the Sports & Equipment category like bicycles, camping gear, gym or ski or diving equipment, tennis rackets and a lot more fitness accessories and machines like that brand new treadmill you bought a while ago and have been avoiding ever since.

The Hobbies, Music, Art & Books category is the best way to empty some shelves that have been collecting dust over the years. Use it to sell anything from antiques and collectibles to musical instruments, CDs, DVDs, or board games you never played and books you forgot to read, etc.

Lastly, the Fashion & Beauty category is the ultimate solution for you to empty out your closets and drawers and make room for trendier items. Use it to sell clothing, accessories, jewellery, or watches you wore a couple times then neglected. You can also sell luggage sets, bags, and much more.

There are four more categories in which you can sell different kinds of items whether they be new or used, follow the link to find out what they are!

What’s not to love about dubizzle? We’ve set everything up to get the hard work out of your way, so all you have to do is follow a few easy steps and your ads will be posted on both our app and website with a couple of clicks and you’ll be able to interact with buyers directly et voilà! We hope you make a lot of sales and always await your feedback. Best of luck!

To stay up to date on the latest ads posted on dubizzle, make sure to download the app and don’t forget to login and verify your account for additional benefits!

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