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Happy International Women’s Day 2024! Here at dubizzle, we’re not just marking the occasion; we’re actively celebrating the strength and positive impact that women bring to our workplace. With 50% of our leadership positions held by women, we take immense pride in creating an environment where empowerment is more than just a concept – it’s a fundamental part of our culture.

Our General Manager, Maria Nehme, serves as an exceptional example. Maria isn’t just a leader; she’s a pioneer inspiring the next generation of women leaders within the company. Her visionary approach reflects our commitment to pushing the boundaries of women’s empowerment.

At dubizzle Lebanon, women aren’t merely part of the team; they play a crucial role in every decision-making process. Actively included in strategic discussions, their perspectives and insights are valued. It’s not about meeting a quota; it’s about recognizing the unique strengths and perspectives they bring to the table.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we extend our gratitude to all the women at dubizzle for enriching our work culture and driving innovation. We applaud their outstanding commitment, especially those managing demanding careers while nurturing their families, showcasing resilience and dedication.

Promoting work-life balance at dubizzle Lebanon isn’t just a policy; it’s a part of our culture. We acknowledge the challenges women face and actively work to create an inclusive workplace where everyone, especially women, can thrive. While we’ve made progress, we recognize there’s still more to do.

Happy Women’s Day! We appreciate all the remarkable women at dubizzle and worldwide. Your contributions matter, and we look forward to a future where everyone is treated equally and empowered.

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