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Has the cold weather got you down? Do you miss the sunny summer days when you could spend your free time outdoors instead of indoors? Well, who ever said you have no choice but to stay inside during winter sure is wrong! It’s not in our nature to hibernate and if you’re someone who’s active and adventurous, there’s no reason for you to lock yourself at home just because the temperatures are a bit low. In fact, winter just like summer is a time to practice fun sports such as skiing, snowboarding and the like. If you’ve never tried any of these activities, now is your chance, and even if you have, you’re still going to need a whole set of equipment to face the snowy slopes. You can find everything you need on dubizzle Lebanon (olx) right here! We have options for everyone including new and used equipment suitable for all budgets. Let’s check out some of the highlights.


Before you go ahead and choose a winter sport to try out, you’re going to have to choose an outfit that covers you from head to toe because yes it’s still cold, but not to worry you’re bound to look cool with dubizzle Lebanon’s awesome collection of garments and gear

You can find ski goggles starting at 5 USD , pants at 10 USD,  gloves at20 USD, helmets at 25 USD, and jackets or boots at 35 USD.

Now onto the equipment. You can get a pair of skis or a snowboard starting 45 USD.

If you’re all about the adrenaline rush and like to go the extra mile, you can get yourself a snow bike starting 100 USD.

But if you’re more on the chill side or have kids why not give sledging or ski scooters (starting 15 USD) a go? It’s a blast for both children and adults alike!

Even if the weather’s a little chilly, there’s no need to become a couch potato until the return of spring. Get up, grab your family and friends, head to the highest peaks and make the most of the snowy season while it lasts!

Make sure to download the dubizzle Lebanon app and login to your account to stay up to date, new ads are posted every day, you don’t want to miss out!

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