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The holidays are already over and just like that it’s back to school and work, and if you feel like you didn’t make the most of the winter vacation or if you didn’t get to travel then dubizzle Lebanon (olx) has got just the thing for you! It doesn’t matter if you couldn’t explore a new part of the world this holiday season because we’re sure you haven’t discovered every part of Lebanon yet. Forget plane tickets and long airport lines, you can easily book a getaway right here in your home country through dubizzle! Check out our chalets and cabins for rent on the daily in our properties category! There are options for every budget with prices starting as low as 50 USD a day and different locations to choose from.

First off on our list is Faraya which is the most prime location, of course! It’s a great option for families and groups of friends alike. You’ll be surrounded by snow so you can go skiing during the day then cosy up at night in a wonderful chalet like the ones below for the starting price of 100 USD a night.


Next up is Sannine. Picture yourself surrounded by nature, curled up in a blanket with your partner by the chimney roasting chestnuts and sipping red wine or toasting marshmallows for your hot cocoa drink, isn’t romantic? You could be in a chalet just like this one starting 140 USD a night.


Onto Zaarour. This location is the perfect mix between great weather and great views. You can find chalets just like these for 200 USD a night. Grab your best friends and let the fun begin!


By the way, if you’re wondering how to extend your stay we also have monthly, yearly and even weekly options for rental! Choose your getaway based on your short- or long-term preferences. You can also find chalets in many other areas such as Kfardebian, Faqra, Faitroun, Hrajel, Laqlouq and many more.

See? Who needs a visa when you can travel around in your own country to discover new places, take in nature, and enjoy the scenery, what’s not love? Your next adventure awaits and it’s only a click away! All you have to do is visit dubizzle Lebanon’s app or website, pack your bags, make sure to grab your loved ones along the way and head to your winter getaway!

To stay up to date and get additional benefits, download the app and login to your dubizzle account. New ads are posted every day, you don’t want to miss out!

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