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The holidays are over and with them our waistlines have gone overboard! We have to admit that the month of December was a time for us to indulge, especially in food! From turkeys to log cakes, we’ve all gained some weight this season and we’re feeling not so jolly about it. Nevertheless, with the new year come resolutions and ours, just like yours, is to shed that weight off!

dubizzle is here to help you achieve your fitness goals. You can find anything you might need to start building healthy habits in our Sports & Equipment category, and not to worry, we have options to suit everyone’s different needs and budgets as our platform displays both new and used products.

Here’s what we recommend for your at home transformation journey:

Start slow with some Yoga to develop mindfulness. Check out our Yoga essentials here with prices as low as 20 USD for steppers, 10 USD for mats or foam rollers and 5 USD for resistance bands!

Work your way up with some cardio to get your heart pumping. dubizzle has a got a variety of machines to choose from here starting 150 USD and up. Let the sweat dripping and fat shedding begin!

Body building is the next best thing and with dubizzle’s selection of equipment your home gym is going to look as fit as your body! You can find pull-up bars and push-up boards starting 10 USD, kettlebells at 20 USD, dumbbells at 30 USD, and benches at 50 USD.

If you thought that was it, think again! If you want to get in top shape, we’re going next level with boxing! Sylvester Stallone has nothing on you! Be dubizzle’s champion! Get yourself a punching bag starting 40 USD, boxing gloves at 20 USD and headgear at 15 USD!

Whatever activity you may choose, dubizzle wishes you a year full of wellness! We know it may be hard to stay productive and motivated and keep up with your new workout routine but we’re here to help you make that lifestyle change easier. In 2024, we say farewell to bad habits and hello to your new and improved self!

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