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As the world speeds toward a greener tomorrow, electric vehicles (EVs) are stealing the show! Electric Vehicles rely on batteries rather than burning fuel to power their motors, which means that they have zero greenhouse gas emissions—greenhouse gasses are the bad gasses in our environment that harm our atmosphere. EVs decrease the greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere, leading us to a greener, cooler environment. Because EVs have a much simpler engine than regular cars, EVs can accelerate much faster. In fact, they can accelerate about 96 km per hour faster than gas cars. In 2022, the EV market worldwide witnessed a rapid growth of a whopping 60%. In Lebanon,however, the situation is vastly different.


EVs in Lebanon

Despite the growing market of EVs worldwide, the high expenses that come with having constant electricity may prevent users from purchasing EVs in Lebanon, making the Lebanese EV market significantly slower. The electricity challenges in Lebanon make it harder for EVs to smoothly integrate into our society, without causing a complete mess. There are only 24 EV charging stations dispersed around Lebanon, which can cause a treasure hunt for people who need to charge their cars. 

The charging electric stations available in Lebanon now: 


  1. Solaris in Dbayeh
  2. Ev-box in Baouchariyeh
  3. Porsche Station in Charles Malek
  4. Freshmile in Gemmayze
  5. Vartan in Baouchariyeh
  6. Porsche Station in Mkalles 
  7. Station in George Choueri
  8. Station in Amchit 
  9. Station in Douaret Edde
  10. Porsche station in Mazraat Kfar Dibiane
  11. Coral Station in Zouk Mosbeh
  12. EV-box in Charles Helou
  13. Station in Zalqa
  14. Freshmile in George Haddad
  15. Station in ABC Ashrafieh
  16. Porsche Station in Aayoun El Siman
  17. Ecocharge in Baakleen 
  18. Station in Yarzeh
  19. Station in Nabatieh
  20. Station in Charles Malek
  21. Station in Zgharta
  22. Sation in Ehden 
  23. Station in Tripoli
  24. Wallbox in Jounieh

The availability of EV charging stations plays a pivotal role in the adoption of EVs, and since there is a low distribution of these stations, residents living between or far away from these areas would not think of getting EVs.

On the bright side, however, there are some initiatives that encourage the spread of EV charging stations, the growth of this market, and inspire our community to strive for a greener environment. Reducing customs on imported EVs, reforms in the energy sector, and adding charging stations all over Lebanon all contribute to the success of the EV market in Lebanon. 


Electric vehicles hold a very promising future, especially because they are beneficial for the environment, convenient, and have become a very exciting field of technology with constant advancements. Even though the growth of this field happens to be slower, with more supportive policies, EVs will continue to become more convenient to own and charge around Lebanon. Many startups and initiatives aimed at raising awareness about the logistics and benefits of EVs can be taken that will give a significant boost to the EV market in Lebanon. For example, educational campaigns targeting both consumers and policymakers can help debunk myths and misconceptions surrounding electric vehicles. These campaigns can highlight the environmental benefits of EVs, their cost-effectiveness in the long run, and the advancements in charging technology that make them more practical for use in Lebanon. As Lebanon navigates this green journey, the future of EVs is undeniably successful, and they will continue to revolutionize the future. 

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