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At dubizzle Lebanon, our sales and operations team recently had the privilege of participating in an insightful sales training session led by Andrew Haddad from Starmanship & Associates. Given Lebanon’s current instability, the theme of the training, “Winning in Tough Times,” couldn’t have been more relevant, and the team was eager to learn from Andrew’s expertise.

Andrew’s training focused on two main aspects: mindset and skills.

  • Getting in the Right Mindset:

Andrew emphasized that selling isn’t just about talking; it’s about listening and understanding customer needs. He introduced the concept of the “3 Circles of Success” – passion, knowledge, and skills – highlighting the importance of being passionate while also being knowledgeable and skilled in sales. Additionally, Andrew discussed the “Circle of Influence” and the “Circle of Concerns,” urging the team to focus on what they can control and not worry excessively about things beyond their control. He encouraged everyone to tackle challenges head-on, adopting the mindset of “Eagles” rather than “Ducks,” which meant stepping out of comfort zones and maintaining positivity even in tough times.

  • Mastering the Skills:

Following the mindset discussion, Andrew delved into practical skills essential for successful salespeople. He introduced the “Funnel Concept,” a framework for understanding the sales process from start to finish. The team also learned about the importance of building relationships with customers, including being prepared, friendly, and maintaining communication post-sale. Andrew even provided insights into how body language, tone of voice, and color choices can influence customer perceptions.

The training with Andrew Haddad proved immensely helpful for the team. They realized that success in sales goes beyond making deals; it’s about understanding people, nurturing relationships, and continuously striving for improvement. The team is eager to implement what they’ve learned and face any challenges that come their way in the world of sales.

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