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Shop from home on dubizzle Lebanon


Because we are spending so much time at home with the lockdown, our needs are evolving towards more home-oriented and family-centered consumptions.

But how can we still purchase the things that we need for our homes safely and consciously? 

At dubizzle Lebanon, we have come up with an affordable and convenient solution. Let us walk you through how it works:

  1. Browse and find what you need on dubizzle Lebanon  


No matter how prepared you were for this – and how could you have been? – there’s definitely something that you are missing to survive the lockdown: kitchen appliances to test new recipes, electronics for working-from-home efficiently, some furniture to embellish the space you’re spending so much time in, toys to entertain the kids, or even games and music to entertain yourself!

Browse on dubizzle Lebanon, and find what you need among a very wide selection of new and second-hand products

  1. Contact the seller and negotiate



Once you identify an item you like, contact the seller to get more information about the product and negotiate the price. Make sure you agree on a final price in LBP 


  1. Agree on delivery conditions


The price is set. Now, discuss the delivery option with the seller and make sure you align on who will cover the charges

  1. Contact Wakilni

Contact Wakilni on Whatsapp 81-008052 and place a delivery request

Make sure you share with them the dubizzle Lebanon item ID to benefit from a special dubizzle price: 10,000 LBP across Lebanon

Also, provide all the required information including addresses, seller phone number, item price, and final amount to be paid (including the delivery charge)


  1. Receive the item and confirm 


Within just few days, you will receive the item. Wakilni agent will wait up-to 10 minutes at your door to make sure you inspect the item and validate your interest. You like it? Pay the amount to the Wakilni agent in cash and live happily ever after!

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