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Dig Deep and Go Vintage with dubizzle


The age of vintage has made its comeback! Nowadays, it’s all about being old, but also modern. However, not being too old where it is considered to be antique. This is where the term “modern retro” comes in. The term refers to a throwback style that’s not too far back. It uses design patterns dating back to 20 years ago as a strong basis and imitates them. If you’re lucky enough, you can get the real items ranging from furniture, toys, clothing, house, electronics, household items, and numerous collectables. Some may argue that “it’s vintage” just means “let’s make the prices of the old things 50 times their original price.” As a result, you might ponder why “going vintage” is the new trend. What is the allure of all things vintage? Well, your questions have been answered.  


Why You Should Go Vintage


“Everything old is new again.”

Two important items in your life are your clothes and the furniture in your house. It may often feel like you’ve neglected one, or sometimes both. The reasons may range from not having enough time, or because you ultimately don’t know what to get. Well, going vintage is your solution. The quality of vintage items is unmatched. With the exception of high-end luxury brands, contemporary items don’t qualify. 


Authenticity & Originality

Have you ever walked into a room and someone else was wearing the exact same thing as you? Yikes. Well, when you invest in a vintage item, you can rest assured that you are helping the environment without worrying about someone else wearing the same thing as you. The uniqueness and detail in every vintage piece cannot be reproduced accurately. Every item is a treasure.


Connect & Collect:

Every vintage item comes with a story. You can either listen to a story, or you can create your own. The items can range from an old coin, collectable comic books and video games, or an old wooden camera. For instance, you can conjure up an old story about how the old wooden camera was used to take the first family photo for numerous families. When coming across a new collectable video game, you can pass it on to your children and make a story together. With going vintage, you can go as far as your imagination takes you. 


Sometimes it may feel like you’re on a huge scavenger hunt, but if you dig deep enough, you’ll find unique treasures. Here are a few must have, vintage items:


  1. Pokémon Cards
  2. Vintage Advertising Signs
  3. Retro Video Games
  4. China Sets
  5. Old Typewriters


Keep your eyes on the Antiques & Collectables section on dubizzle for the best finds!

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