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Dubizzle Property is proud to have sponsored the 2nd Lebanese Real Estate Forum, titled “The Real Estate and Housing Sector in Lebanon: Between Stagnation and Revival.” Organized by the Real Syndicate of Lebanon, this important event took place on June 25th at the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut. The forum was a big success, featuring great discussions and the signing of a new partnership between dubizzle Lebanon and the Real Syndicate of Lebanon.

The forum featured four panel discussions on important issues affecting Lebanon’s real estate and housing market. Experts and industry leaders shared their insights and proposed solutions for the challenges facing the sector.

1. Revitalizing the Residential and Commercial Real Estate Sector

The first discussion focused on ways to bring new life to Lebanon’s residential and commercial real estate sectors. Speakers talked about different strategies and projects to overcome stagnation and encourage growth.

2. Alternative Financing Solutions Amidst Bank Loan Shortages

The second panel discussed the issue of financing during tough economic times. Experts talked about alternative financing solutions to help with the current bank loan shortages in Lebanon, offering hope for property buyers and investors.

3. The Impact of PropTech and Digitalization on Real Estate

The third panel was special for dubizzle Property. Our General Manager, Maria Nehme, was a speaker. She shared her knowledge about PropTech and how it is changing the real estate market. Maria talked about how PropTech has helped the Lebanese market, potential future developments, and its role in addressing the current crisis. She explained how digital solutions have made property transactions easier and more transparent.

4. Innovative Urban Development and Housing Strategies

The fourth and final panel looked at new ideas for urban development and housing in Lebanese cities. Speakers presented creative approaches to urban planning and development that could help improve cities and living conditions for residents.

The event ended with the signing of a partnership agreement between Dubizzle Lebanon and the Real Syndicate of Lebanon. This partnership shows our commitment to working together to support and improve the real estate sector in Lebanon.

We thank the Real Syndicate of Lebanon for organizing this important event. Given the ongoing economic crisis in Lebanon, forums like this are essential for bringing together stakeholders to collaborate on solutions and strategies for the future. dubizzle Property is honored to be a part of this event, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to support the real estate and housing sector in Lebanon. Together with our partners and the wider community, we are committed to navigating these challenging times and working towards a brighter future for Lebanon’s property market.

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