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Summer is finally back and the hot temperatures are here to prove it! We’re sure you’re as excited as we are for the beach days, the backyard barbecues and the camping trips. But before we get to all of this, you definitely need to check off your summer shopping list and that’s where we come in. We’re here to make things easier and guarantee you’ll have fun in the sun all summer long!


When we think of summer, we think of pop beats and sunset to sunrise parties. If you dabble in the field of djing we’ve got a wide selection of sets you can choose from so people can dance to your tracks all night long! 

Musical Instruments for Sale in Lebanon | OLX Lebanon

You might not be a dj, but if you love to throw rooftop or house parties, we’ve got the gadget for you, big or small we have them all:


If you’re a bit too old for partying til the next day, you probably have kids and you’re going to need to keep them busy throughout the summer vacation.

You can find all kinds of fun games for your little ones at dubizzle Lebanon, even for family nights :

Games & Hobbies for Sale in Lebanon | OLX Lebanon


Everybody wants a summer body, it’s time to get beach ready and make fitness a priority!

You could have a race with your friends and pretend you’re participating in the tour de France

Bicycles & Accessories for Sale in Lebanon | OLX Lebanon

Planning a camping trip with your best mates? We’ve got all the equipment you’ll need:

709 Outdoors & Camping Items for Sale in Lebanon | OLX Lebanon


Your beach body is not going to show up by itself, you’ve got to work for it!

4,242 Gym, Fitness & Fighting sports Items for Sale in Lebanon | OLX Lebanon


After this, you’re ready to swim with the fishes, but don’t forget diving accessories!

706 Water Sports & Diving Items for Sale in Lebanon | OLX Lebanon


Perhaps you’re watching the Roland Garros tournament and you want to shoot your shot at becoming a successful tennis player

284 Tennis & Racket Sports Items for Sale in Lebanon | OLX Lebanon


We want you to look fashionable and take some pics of that beach body!

Fashion & Beauty for Sale in Lebanon | OLX Lebanon

It’s crocs season again! Choose your favorite pair:

You’ll need some SPF to protect your skin from the UV rays!


Don’t forget your shades!

Where are you going to put all your stuff? How about a trendy beach bag?

If you’re traveling, you should have some nice looking suitcases!

You’ve been waiting months for the hot season to finally embellish your garden with new furniture and decor objects so that you can have family and friends over for some refreshing lemonade!

2,105 Garden & Outdoor Items for Sale in Lebanon | OLX Lebanon

We know you’re dreaming of a swing set just like this one:


Not only is it hot outside but it’s also hot inside! We definitely don’t want to look sweaty, thank God for cooling devices!

AC, Cooling & Heating for Sale in Lebanon | OLX Lebanon


Whether you’re a filmmaker, a photographer or an amateur, the summer is the best time to get your lens out and capture some amazing shots of all your adventures!

Cameras for Sale in Lebanon | OLX Lebanon


You live in the city and you’re sick of the traffic, the pollution and all the noise. We have three options for you: villa, chalet or bungalow. Choose the summer home/getaway fit for you, enjoy and relax!

Real Estate & Properties for Sale and Rent in Lebanon | OLX Lebanon

Lastly, if you consider yourself a lover of luxury then why not buy yourself a boat or a jet ski if you’re more outgoing?

Buy & sell Boats online – 36 Brand New & Used Boats for Sale in Lebanon | OLX Lebanon


We hope we’ve covered all your summer necessities!  

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