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The clock is ticking and summer is slowly ending. That means back to school season is just around the corner. We know it’s not as cool as chilling by the pool but let’s try to make it a bit more exciting with some shopping ideas! If you didn’t know, we have a special sub-category called Stationary and Study Tools that you can easily find on our website or application. Let’s get teens and kids ready for a new year with all the essential school supplies. 


Just like you, we’re not big fans of Math but luckily some genius invented the calculator and lord knows we can’t process complicated equations without it!


Speaking of subjects, we definitely prefer art class and we can provide you with an array of supplies:


Other than drawing, we’re going to be writing a lot..and we mean A LOT! So you better get yourself a whole box of pens and pencils.


Anyways, what we really need is to make the back to school experience as fun as possible so brace yourself, loads of cute stuff coming your way:


        Believe it or not this is a pen!                                       And those are banana erasers!


Where oh where will we write down all these lessons that we have to memorize?!⤵️


Every cool kid has one of these babies in their backpack, you just cannot leave the house without them!

Can’t forget the star of the show, the backpack of course! (and the lunchbox, and the water bottle)


You’ll find all back to school essentials and much more here:

 Stationery & Study Tools for Sale in Lebanon | OLX Lebanon

 May this year pass by quicker than lightning so we can go back to enjoying our summer vacation 😇

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