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Beirut, 3 October, 2019: dubizzle, the leading classified platform in Lebanon, hosted its first auto industry event, dubbed the ‘Co-Drive’ event, at PitStop, an outdoor karting track that’s a top destination for motorsports fans. 

The event revolved around promoting one of dubizzle Lebanon’s most successful categories: Vehicles. Current and potential clients, car part manufacturers, car dealers, banks, media, influencers, and experts in the scene attended the event.    


The event was mainly aimed at strengthening relationships between dubizzle and its partners by introducing them to the whole team and thanking them for the years of partnership and shared successes. The event also included an entertainment segment, which saw rally champion, Abdo Feghali turning up the heat by performing a live drift show with four lucky winners. Music and live entertainment were also part of the night including graffiti artist, El M3alem, who worked on a live graffiti painting.


During his opening speech, Mr. John Noja, Country Manager, welcomed everyone, saying, “Our clients are more than just clients. We see them as partners. The sum of all of their successes is how we define our success. That’s why this event is called Co-drive. We want to be their co-drivers”.


Sharing John’s sentiments, Guy Farhat, Business Development Manager, shared the benefits of working with dubizzle, explaining, “We offer more than just products. We want to be our clients’ consultants to help them manage their accounts through ongoing industry reports about supply and demand, and constant support from all our departments”.


The ‘Co-Drive’ event pinpointed the advantages of having vast amounts of space in the online world. dubizzle Lebanon can make forward strides in Lebanon’s market via categorical expansions and a fleshed-out platform that can provide you with pre-owned as well as brand new cars.  


Rounding off dubizzle’s podium stretch, when asked about dubizzle’s plans for the future, Maria Nehme, Strategy Manager, put the spotlight on the importance of “Customer-centricity” in the Group’s strategy and officially announced the launch of a completely new application coming in Q1 of 2020, saying, “We’re launching a new and revamped mobile application that we’ve been working on for almost a year. These changes will make our buyers’ lives easier and bring many new features to our sellers through an advanced platform and technology”.


dubizzle is a global online marketplace that is operating in 35+ countries across 5 continents. It is the largest online consumer group in the world, involved in over a million purchasing and exchanging services within its respective communities.

dubizzle is the map that guides all its clients on a journey where all their voices matter. Together, a success story is created.



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