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dubizzle cars’ vocation, from the start, has been to build a trusted automobiles trading platform providing both seller and buyer with secure, convenient, and reliable services. Through dubizzle’s platform, anyone can sell or buy a car. Users can also benefit from specific automobile services tailored by the dubizzle car’s team such as Cash My Car or Verified by dubizzle cars.

On the one hand, Cash my Car is a free of charge service allowing you to sell your car without going through any trouble. You can do it straight from the comfort of your own home by filling out a form on our App. The team will contact you as soon as possible to set a date for a car inspection and will later on send you a proposal. Should you choose to accept it, the team becomes in charge of all the heavy lifting while you’ll only have to drop by our office to collect the cash!

On the other hand, Verified by dubizzle cars is one of the most transparent and hassle-free processes you will find on the market if you’re planning on buying a car. dubizzle cars technicians always carry out a thorough inspection of each car, then they work on reconditioning them into top shape. The potential buyer can of course have access to a report prepared by the team detailing all the car’s information. Additionally, our experts will accompany you along your journey in search of a new car, offering their advice for you to make the choice that suits you best!

MM Automotive garage was established in the late 70s with the father’s vision and expertise to better serve the Lebanese vehicles market that was booming just before the Civil war. It was tough during the war to sustain such businesses, but due to the trust gained, their customer base kept on growing through the tough times and even more during the Lebanese economic boom in the ‘90s.

With such a customer base, MM Automotive felt responsible for growing and adding more services to address their clients’ needs. They developed and established networks to optimize procedures with the 1st tier insurance companies in the market to make the customer experience smoother.

Currently, MM Automotive garage covers the area of 1000 square meters, and it is ready to serve 40+ cars, with a state-of-art Paint room operated by a well-experienced team of talents using only the best quality material in the market to ensure the best results that, as always, will satisfy the customers.


When dubizzle cars and MM Automotive joined forces, the main purpose, as it always is, was to create a 360 experience for our users and customers.
If your vehicle got damaged by an accident, MM Automotive, our new partner specialized in auto body repair, will take care of the paint and the part replacements.

Furthermore, dubizzle cars and MM Automotive both do business with LIAassurex, which means the customers will be covered on all fronts. 

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