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Do you know what Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite car is? Unsurprisingly it’s the american made Hummer H2. Undeniably, standing in front of a car like this, you can’t help but be in awe, it’s humongous and there aren’t many like it so no matter what people say it’s definitely a showstopper. 


The H2 showcased here comes in a bold military green color giving off a camouflage vibe. It is also characterized by a black interior which is quite rare in Hummers. One of the nice touches you will notice when you get in the car is the big shifter that looks like an airplane gearshift, immersing yourself in an air piloting simulation and that’s a cool flex. Speaking of which, it’s pretty obvious that this vehicle looks like a tanker, you’ll feel like you’re actually in the military and all the cars will let you come through since you’re the one with the big guns. You could pass through anywhere even when the roads are closed just because you look awesome and can crash anything to bits, imagine the immense potential. By the way, it’s very safe in terms of accidents, you cannot get hurt at all and that’s jackpot. 


Moving on to serious business, this H2 comes with a 6L V8 engine producing 325 horses in addition to a torque of 495 NM through a 4 speed automatic transmission which is truly very reliable. The hood also opens up facing the windshield instead of covering it making the H2 one of the last cars to have this special feature, an ode to the vintage spirit. This car is equipped with a very capable four wheel drive system 4WD and it has quite the reputation when it comes to offroading, it will always be ready to take you on a wild adventure. The differential is selectable with high and low ranges and it can be locked, an incredible experience for those seeking a thrilling rush of adrenaline. 


Still, the main attraction for Hummer buyers is the fact that highway driving is very comfortable, the driver’s position is commanding and the one who takes the wheel can feel a sense of great power, picture yourself as a king and the streets as your kingdom. In simpler terms, it’s like driving a truck, you’re placed at a much higher level than others; indeed, this car was made for owning the road so prepare yourself for the ultimate bad boy grandeur. 


The bitter news is that the H2 was discontinued in 2009, nonetheless making a comeback last year in 2021 as an electric vehicle EV, good news for the environment as well as fans. Moreover, its predecessor, the H1, has become a collector’s item and sells at a whopping 100K to 150K dollars, therefore, the H2 is set to follow the same path and fortunately it’s a good investment to make right now as the price of this vehicle will surely go up in the future. Trust us, the H2 will not fail you. 

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