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In the era of Smartphones and mobile devices, consumers have access to any information at their fingertips. From the weather conditions to watching movies or just checking the time, mobile phones replaced a lot of appliances like a TV, a watch and even a camera. 


However, a Smartphone can also be used to control several devices in your home to save on time and electricity. Below are 4 devices you can use to control your house via phone. 


NB: Before installing any components, always make sure the current is off. 


  • Smart Switch


A smart switch is a device that can be plugged between your normal switch and the power cables in the wall.


Once the smart switch is connected to your WIFI, you control the switch from an App on your phone. This allows you to turn off the lights in your room remotely, or when you’re in bed being lazy. Here’s a list of smart switches you can buy starting 9$.


  • Smart Plug


If you ever needed to turn off that lamp after leaving a room or plug the water pump before taking a shower, a smart plug is definitely what you need. This simple device sits between your appliance and the power socket and is ready to go once connected to your WIFI. 


  • Smart Light Bulb 


Did you ever want a colorful room but were afraid you’d get bored ? With a smart LED light bulb, you can instantly switch your room from a nightclub to a calm dimmed room to work; all this from your phone. 


  • Surveillance IP camera


You can have a quick look at your home surroundings by simply installing a WIFI camera and accessing it directly from your smartphone. WIFI cameras are easy to install and you can access many devices simultaneously. 

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