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Let’s say you just bought a new house with a big garden in the backyard. One problem: you know zilch on the A to Z of gardening. 

Don’t be so fast to panic! We’ve prepared a guide just for you about the basics of garden maintenance. Bonus: we will feature some of our best ads to help you decorate and make your garden the most beautiful of them all. 




The first thing that pops to mind when you think of gardening is, without a doubt, plants. Just like people, plants have needs and if you’re planning on having a plethora of plants in your garden then you better take good care of them.

Simply put, first and foremost, plants need the sun to grow, they absorb the light in order to mature so flowers, fruits and vegetables alike all need their daily dose of sunlight. If you don’t have much sun coming your way however, make sure you search for plants that like to stay in the shade. 


Plants also get thirsty and need to stay hydrated because they’re exposed to the heat of the sun all day long. Make sure you’ve got a watering system that enables you to water each plant depending on different conditions. And, unlike what most people think, you should only water your plants once or twice a week, that’s more than enough for them.


A fertile soil is one that enables plants to grow by getting the right amount of nutrients to them, this is essential to keep your plants as healthy as can be. The soil’s pH should also stay balanced, the soil cannot be too alkaline or too acidic and you can make sure of that by buying some DIY testing kits before starting to grow pretty flowers. 


Don’t forget to pay attention to climate as well since it can determine whether or not your plants will grow in the weather conditions of the area where you live, especially if you’re planning on planting any kind of perennials – aka plants that live long years- like trees. 


Now, after having soaked up all this vital information, if you’re still keen on starting your gardening journey then you’re going to need some handy tools. Here’s a bunch:


  • Watering can
  • Shovel
  • Digging fork
  • Trowel 


(P.S: this is just a starter kit, if you’re looking to become a gardening master, there are many more contraptions and inventions specific to this activity that you can find online)


Okay, you’ve got your seeds and your toolkit, you’re ready to plant, but wait! You’re supposed to protect your new babies from invaders! Here’s how:


  1. Weeds: sadly they’re an inevitable foe but you can keep them from choking your plants by pulling them out when the soil is wet or by covering the soil with mulch or straw. 


  1. Pests and diseases: to avoid and control these nasties, your plants should be well taken care of. Other than that there are many different organic solutions you can benefit from instead of using pesticides. 


On another note, and after you’re done with all the planting, you may want to add some furniture to your garden so that everyone can enjoy it during spring and summer time. You might get a swing set, some couches or chairs with a table, even some decorative objects. Nonetheless, the furniture too will require some good maintenance: cover it when unused or put it away on the rainy days, if it’s made out of metal or wood beware of mold and rust. As long as you keep the furniture clean and in good condition aside from caring for your plants, you’ll have the most wonderful garden on the block. (Make those neighbors envious!) 


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Congrats on your new garden! We want to see those barbecue party pictures on instagram!

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